Agile studio
for the modern

Utilize design and development as a language that connects and communicates.

We stay at the cutting edge of technology without getting swallowed by the complexity. In love with the web at it's core, embracing standards and sifting novelty.

Above all we believe in the good that technology can bring about. By joining our forces with those of our clients, each project becomes our humble effort to contribute to the global dialog.


A sense of purpose and direction comes by when a set of values that act as guiding principles is established. We strive to align our actions and goals with our core beliefs and mission.


Embrace interconnection

Optimized solutions come as a result of considering the entire ecosystem of a project, including technical, business, user, and environmental aspects.


Minimize waste

Digital technologies are major contributors to global carbon emissions and energy consumption. Be efficient, effective, and environmentally responsible.


Reduce friction

Optimizing for speed and scalability should not be an afterthought but baked into every project.


Check assumptions and biases

Strive to make the web accessible to all regardless of ability, location, or economic status.

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Positioned between conception and implementation

Creative at heart but with technology in our DNA we believe in the dissolution of boundaries between code and design. A deep knowledge of the medium of the world wide web informs our decisions in every aspect.

Past clients

Throughout the years, we have worked with small and large clients internationally, commissioned and studio-based. Here follows a selection.

  • Deep Science Ventures
  • Hellenic Ministry of Culture
  • Cosmos lac
  • 3sk Architects
  • Katogi Averoff
  • BOB Studio
  • Olon Design Group
  • The Birthdays Design
  • Vikelas Architects
  • Miltos Bottis Studio
  • Filmiki
  • AG Design Agency

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